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An accident can be a traumatic event, especially when there is personal injury involved. The unexpected need to deal with a mutitude of people after such a shock can be daunting – WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

A Leading Legal Team For Over 10 Years

After an accident can be a difficult time – with a multitude of things that, in an instant, suddenly need to be dealt with. You may need to deal with tow truck operators, repairers, insurance companies, an unfriendly other party and their insurer, the police, the rental company,… the list goes on. We specialise in taking these stresses out of your life whilst we handle the entire process on your behalf.

Since 2009

Hello there! So you’ve found your way here. We usually let our work do all the talking since self – advertising is not our style. So here’s a good introduction instead.

Our Humble Beginnings

The last decade saw the rise of transport, opportunities and personal vehicles.While you got out on the street everyday to make it to work, we hustled too. We spent the last decade finding the best possible solutions for any and all vehicles. How did we do that? Being a solutions provider isn’t easy. But what’s more challenging is a problem that we can’t solve.

We love to constantly test ourselves and thanks to our reliable and trusted network of panel beaters, we have been able to do so, with much success. Your case will be taken up by our legal team who have settled 30,000 + claims, ensuring a 99% winning rate over the last 12 years.

Over the last 12 years, we have grown to be a complete CAR ACCIDENT SOLUTIONS PROVIDER. Whether you have a family car or a luxury car, our focus is now entirely on the well-being of our NOT-AT-FAULT customers. It is our extensive experience in Motor Vehicle Accidents that allows us to be customer-focused and results-driven organisation

years of growth

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How is MVAA different?

  • The best panel beaters with top notch workmanship

  • An experienced legal team that’s a class apart

  • A quick response rate
Your previous experience with insurance companies may have left you with a sour taste with their ‘fixed fee’. Well, you can forget about all of that with us.

We are not just looking to minimize cost in claims, our primary objective is to educate the general public about their rights when they encounter an accident and it’s not their fault, regarding the choice of repairs after accidents.

We’re Not Done Yet!

Simply put, we are not finished with a customer until they have been given a high-quality repair on their vehicle, settling all their claims to provide them with the ideal compensation that they deserve (if applicable). We have service providers in the industry that prefer to deal with us, thanks to years of goodwill and trust. With the help of our qualified technicians, we cover all corners and make sure that the repair quality is high, and optimum resources are used in repairing your vehicle.

We don’t charge the NOT AT FAULT client whether we win your case or not. And guess what – If you are a NOT-AT-FAULT driver, then congratulations! You don’t shell out a single penny out of your pocket. As you mustn’t!

Call 1300 682 200. We’ll make it easy for you.

Our Mission

A Decade Of Providing Solutions

Our primary mission is to provide the most effective and affordable solution for your vehicle.  Our MVAA Family is basically an extensive network of Independent Panel beaters who are renowned for the relentless dedication to their work.

Know your Rights

We at MVAA take the responsibility of educating the general public about their rights very seriously. We aim to make the insurance claims process as smooth as possible and minimize its impact on your lifestyle.

Assist small, Achieve BIG

A major portion of Australian businesses are small businesses. We believe that small businesses have a big impact. We pool together resources and thereby generate leads for these small businesses who are top quality panel beaters.

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