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Vehicle accidents can be stressful and lead to traumatic circumstances for those involved, not just during the accident but days after it. Moreover, the fear of ruining your driving record can make it even more difficult for you to think about claiming insurance. MVAA helps address your insurance concerns by providing car crash assistance services to you as soon as you need them.

We rope in a personal injury attorney or a car accident lawyer who looks at your case before proceeding for settlements. This allows you all the time you need to be yourself again.

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Car accident lawyers can truly strengthen your case by bringing out facts and pieces of evidence as found on the site of the accident. Moreover they:

  • Do an in-depth analysis of records and evidence
  • Have a strong network of investigators who look for loopholes and fix them
  • Possess negotiation skills that can help you get the best insurance claim

What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do?

Lawyers, once assigned, look after everything from communication with the other party’s insurer to building a strong case for your accident claims. Here are some of the crucial tasks that a car accident lawyer can handle efficiently:

1. Legal Documentation and Report Filing

As soon as you ring our helpline, we assign you a car accident lawyer who assesses all the evidence collected from the accident site and record the details. They may even personally visit the scene and collect details that you may have missed while recording or photographing the damages. An expert car accident lawyer assesses everything in detail when it comes to building a strong case. They even make sure to get the legal documentation and police reports filed.

2. Obtain the Necessary Reports Related to the Injuries Sustained

Laying hands on your medical reports can be a tedious task for you. Hospitals often have a set procedure to request for these documents, failing which they would not respond to your request. And even if they do grant you the medical reports, there are quite high chances that it may not mention the exact injury and its cause. This may further take your case down the hill. To keep you away from the hassles of getting your medical reports and bills, the car accident injury lawyer will write to your doctor and seek a special letter specifying the doctor’s opinion that the injury was resultant of the accidents.

3. Communicate with the Other Party’s Insurer

In order to seek the best claim for the damages sustained by your vehicle, a lawyer must communicate with the other party’s insurance adjuster. Once the adjuster has all the required documents, they assess it and form a base offer. Your lawyer can then form a counter-argument and ask them to revise it to their best potential.

4. Negotiations With Lienholders and Insurers

Negotiation proves to be a crucial skill when handling vehicle accident claims. While a layman may not be able to negotiate on the amount owed by defendants, an accident and injury lawyer excels at it. The lawyer can simply talk it out with the lienholders to reduce the amount of their lien (lienholder’s legal right). They can even negotiate with the insurers to arrive at the best possible claim amount for the damages sustained by you.

What is Lien and Who Are My Lienholders?

Lien is a legal right provided to the parties involved in a car accident settlement. Any party, including doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, health insurance companies, medicare, employer’s worker’s compensation insurance providers, can place a lien on your injury settlement amount. This share of the amount from your claim is supposed to be paid to the lienholder before the claim amount reaches you.

Should I Handle a Car Accident Claim Myself?

While it is always advisable to consult accident advisors to get the best car accident claim solutions, you can choose to handle your car accident claim only if you’re comfortable gathering the evidence all by yourself. If you possess excellent negotiation skills and think you’re in a good shape to handle everything by yourself, you can certainly opt for it. But, remember, there’s no substitute for the expertise a car accident lawyer brings to the plate.

Why Hire MVAA?

MVAA ensures that you don’t have to worry about any of these procedures. We have a huge team of expert lawyers who keep everything ready for you. We initiate all the talking, send our search specialists to inspect the accident scene and gather more evidence. Once they have all the necessary documentation, they begin negotiating on the terms of arrive at the best possible settlement.

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